Tata Iodized Salt Powder

Tata Iodized Salt Powder

Tata Iodized Salt Powder

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Goodbye and quality are equivalent in this present reality. Goodbye Iodized Salt has been a staple in kitchens for ages now. This salt was first made by Goodbye in a vacuum fixed pack, around the year 1983. Salt is quite possibly of the main fixing we use in food and preparing. It is a decent strategy for food stronghold and it likewise adds taste and flavor to any dish. This salt is wealthy in iodine and iron two of the main micronutrients that are credited with the counteraction of physiological breaking down and furthermore, a known mix that helps legitimate mental and actual turn of events.

Dietary Realities

Engery - - 0 kcal

Fat, Carbohydrate,Protein - - 0g

Nutrients - 0g

Unsaturated fats, Cholesterol - - 0g/0mg

Sodium - - 38.7 g Idoine > 15 ppm


Vacuum evaportated consumable normal salt. Potassium Iodate and permitter hostile to building up specialist - E - 536 (Idoine content over 15 ppm)

Capacity and Utilizations

Goodbyes Iodised salt is a table salt that can be added to any dish.

A squeeze for a bowlful of vegetables or dal makes the dish immediately more satisfactory and flavourful.

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