Sugar candy -small

Sugar candy -small

Sugar candy -small

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Magnificent wellspring of fundamental supplements.

Mishri dana is a piece of our way of life fasting and devouring ceremonies

Misri (candy sugar or rock sugar) is produced using the arrangement of sugarcane (ganna) and the sap of Palmyra palm tree (Taad ka ped). It is made by emptying the arrangement of sugarcane into drums where strings are now positioned and the arrangement is permitted to dry around the strings. Gems were developed because of cooling supersaturated sugar arrangements.

Come's in Stand-Up Zipper Pockets.

Nutrilin - Food for the impacting scene

It is utilized in India as a sort of treats, or used to improve milk or tea. in times past there was no refining innovation of sugars, consequently they were utilizing jaggery and set sugar, this crude type of strong sugar is called mishri, this is additionally called KHANDA SHARKARA there is no distinction in sugar content, however for the crude smell its savored.

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