Saffola Tasty
Saffola Tasty
Saffola Tasty

Saffola Tasty

Saffola Tasty

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For what reason to pick saffola delicious oil?

Pick Saffola Scrumptious, a sound decision to remain fit.

Cooking oil being a fundamental fixing in the entirety of your dinners, ought to help your wellness endeavors. With the decency of 2 oils in 1, Saffola Scrumptious is here to be your wellness buddy!


Great Equilibrium of MUFA and PUFA

Saffola Delectable's double seed innovation assists you with accomplishing a decent equilibrium of solid unsaturated fats like MUFA and PUFA for better sustenance through fats, dissimilar to single seed oils.

Consume Lesser* Oil

With LOSORBTM Innovation present in Saffola Delicious, your food assimilates up to 29%* lesser oil.

Advantages of Oryzanol

Oryzanol keeps up with solid cholesterol levels.

Ideal for All Styles of Cooking

Explore different avenues regarding recent trends of cooking like sauteing, barbecuing, baking, and so forth and draw out the normal kind of your food.

Gives Vitamin An and D.

Sustained with Vitamin A which helps against night visual impairment and Vitamin D which upholds solid bones

(Disclaimer: *As contrasted with other usually consumed cooking oils; premise broiling concentrates on potato, 2018.)

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