Groundnut Chekku Oil

Groundnut Chekku Oil

Groundnut Chekku Oil

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High in energy, it's a mix of supplements and cell reinforcements. Loaded with vivacious medical advantages that are available in the painstakingly chosen excellent Groundnuts. Chekko Cold Squeezed Virgin Groundnut Oil helps the heart and lifts skin wellbeing.

Uses and Advantages of Virgin Groundnut Oil

Rich wellspring of vitamin E brings down the apparent indications of maturing, for example, dull spots and kinks when barely any drops are consistently applied straightforwardly to confront

The mitigating properties of sesame oil ease torments and forestall joint inflammation.

Different purposes of groundnut oil

Utilized as a serving of mixed greens dressing

Best for broiled snacks.

Used to plan sauces, pan-sears and curries

Utilized as a grill marinade

Plunges, sauces and peanut butter.

Well known recipes that can be ready with Cold Squeezed Virgin Groundnut Oil

Groundnut oil is best for chips and pakoras and vada

French fries

Blended sprouts poha

Paneer veggie wrap

Corn and potato tikkis

Utilized for gently nutty taste

Utilized for profound searing sauting preparing and treating

Cold Squeezed Virgin Groundnut oil is utilized in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu for making exquisite things and tidbits. It is likewise a piece of the staple eating regimen of South India.

Why Chekko Cold Squeezed Virgin Groundnut Oil?

The customary wooden press technique gives Unadulterated Virus Squeezed Groundnut Oil.

The non Warming strategy protects the integrity of Groundnut and its medical advantages.

Clean bundling with eco-accommodating metal tin.

Liberated from Additives, Trans Fat, Fake tones.

All the more normally fragrant and adds taste to the dishes.

Every one of our items are from Non - GMO seeds, free of counterfeit.

Worldwide quality control and cleanliness rehearses are followed for every item ISO - 22000.

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