Safaa Rusk-160g

Safaa Rusk-160g

Safaa Rusk-160g

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The ideal nibble for a sweet tooth. Safaa Rusk bring an entirely different flavor and surface to this heated goodie. Produced using the freshest of fixings, the rusk is a must-pursue you and your loved ones. Cardamom, known for its mitigating and inconspicuous zing adds wizardry to the rusk and makes anybody go yumm.. after each chomp. For the individuals who love a delicate taste to their bites, Safaa Rusk will satisfy your sense of taste. Rusk goes about as an incredible backup for your morning espresso or night tea. We are consistent with our selection of fixings and keep the food we give you additive free.


Refined Wheat Flour, Sugar, Margarine, Milk Solids, Consolidated Milk, Suji, Flavors (New Cardamom Powder) Yeast, Gluten, Improver, Emulsifier (472e), Salt (Iodised), Consumable Vegetable Fat.

Chomp on it at whatever point you please.

Serve it as a break time nibble.

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