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Aval upma is one simple and sound breakfast formula. I like the plans effortlessness and stunning flavors as well, notwithstanding its straightforwardness. This is my mother's adaptation of aval upma and it has no potato in it like the ones north Indians makes. I have heard that about my companions, yet to attempt that way. Yet, love this variant excessively without a doubt. I love all the things that are made with aval/poha/smoothed rice. Basically on account of its effortlessness. Be it Lemon poha or puli aval, its more simpler as there is no cutting cycle required for it. MIL and mother makes even a drenched sweet form of aval with jaggery which can be eaten as nibble in the nights.

As consistently I have a little flashback story for this formula too????. There is a little pullayar koil( Ganesh sanctuary) close to our home. Its exceptionally little sanctuary. We frequently go there.

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