Nimwash Veg and Fruit Wash Pouch

Nimwash Veg and Fruit Wash Pouch

Nimwash Veg and Fruit Wash Pouch

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Nimwash Vegetable & Fruit Wash one thousand cc I 100 percent process, Removes Pesticides & ninety nine.9% Germs,with Azadirachta indica and edible fruit Extracts , Safe to use on veggies and fruits Disinfects veggies & fruits

Portrayal: Water alone isn't viable for microbe expulsion and cleaning vegetables and organic products. It frequently abandons pesticides and can't clean the vegetables and natural products from food-borne sicknesses causing microbes. This can influence the wellbeing and security of your loved ones. Presenting ITC's Nimwash Vegetable and Organic product Wash Splash with 100 percent Regular Action^ and Neem and Citrus Organic product separates, which successfully washes away pesticides~ and 99.9% germs* from the vegetables and organic products in only 1 min. It has no additional counterfeit colors, dye, chlorine or cleanser and is totally protected to use on your veggies and natural products.

Nimwash cleans soil, soil, pesticides and 99.9% microbes from the outer layer of veggies and organic products so you can appreciate veggies and natural products, as nature planned them to be. Nimwash cleans vegetables and organic products really with the force of regular fixings. Presently wash your vegetables and organic products badly arranged and simple to utilize steps and keep your family solid and safeguarded from microbes.


Add 20 ml of item in 1 liter of water.

Splash vegetables and natural products for 15 min.

Wash - Flush completely under clean running water Apply straightforwardly, for more grounded activity in 1 min. Wash completely.

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