Savlon Germ Protection Wetwipe (10 P)

Savlon Germ Protection Wetwipe (10 P)

Savlon Germ Protection Wetwipe (10 P)

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From the believed brand of Savlon, Savlon Microorganism Security Moist disposable clothes will guard you against an expansive scope of microbes, organisms and related pollutants. Formed with skin-accommodating pH, the wipes are a sterile method for keeping up with neatness in your home, office and public spots. The moist disposable clothes are multipurpose so if all else fails, clear off your assets to guarantee security against any waiting microorganisms.


Savlon Microorganism Insurance Moist disposable clothes have skin-accommodating pH, delicate on the skin are as well.

The moist disposable clothes watch out for the dampness of your skin.

The wipes are multipurpose, so can be utilized for both skin and surfaces that draw in microorganisms like entryways, vehicle guiding, workstations, glass, seats, and so on.

The wipes can be utilized for the two children and grown-ups.

Accessible in a bunch of 10 wipes in versatile bundling and gentle scent.





Decyl Glucoside

Benzalkonium Chloride

Polyoxyethylene 20 Sorbitan Monolaurate

DMDM Hydantoin

Propylene Glycol


Disodium Edta

Benzyl Liquor

Butylphenyl Methylpropional




Hexyl Cinnamal




The Savlon Microbe Security Moist disposable clothes are protected to be utilized on both skin and various surfaces where the gamble of microorganisms is high.

Instructions to Utilize

Take out a Savlon Microbe Security Wet Endlessly wipe your hands, elbows and other generally polluted parts, before feasts or while venturing out to stay away from disease from microorganisms.

Wipe habitually, tainted surfaces like entryway handles, vehicle controlling, mobiles, public vehicle handles, console, windows, and so on with Savlon Wipes prior to contacting.

Wellbeing Data

Peruse the name cautiously before use.

Not prescribed for individuals with known sensitivity to the recorded fixings.

In the event that the moist disposable clothes cause any unfavorably susceptible responses, promptly quit utilizing them and counsel a specialist.

For outside utilize as it were. Stay away from contact with the eyes, mouth or painful injuries and look for sure fire help in the event that the item is ingested.

Keep it out of the scope of youngsters.

Try not to utilize the item assuming the expiry date has passed.

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