Pringles Original 107g
Pringles Original 107g
Pringles Original 107g

Pringles Original 107g

Pringles Original 107g

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attempt our pringles original flavour!
in contrast to different potato chips, pringles crisps area unit made of a combination of potato, rice flour, corn flour, and wheat starch. it's light-weight and crisp and comes in an exceedingly can!
expertise the pringles magic today!

Enjoy the traditional Pringles Potato Chips in Original flavor—the ideal snack, adored by many for its mouthwatering flavour and crispy texture.

UNIQUELY SHAPED – Pringles are renowned for their distinctive shape and excellent salty seasoning from edge to edge in every bite! It comes in a can and is airy and crunchy.

ENJOY ON MANY OCCASIONS - Open a can to add some crunch to your sandwich for lunch, treat yourself to a midnight snack with your favourite beverage, keep energised while playing video games — grease-free, pack it for a picnic, it's always more fun with Pringles Potato Chips!

Everyone's favourite stackable chips that are maintained whole and sealed airtight with a freshness that pops are STACKABLE AND CONVENIENT. You may even stack them to create your own inventions.

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