Britannia Good Day Cashew

Britannia Good Day Cashew

Britannia Good Day Cashew

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Nibble ON IT

At Britannia, we accept that there is a whacky side to everybody - in some cases stowed away, at different times plain. Also, this is the thing we celebrate with our brands 5050, Maska Chaska, Time Elapse and Top. With items which can well be called separated, in the realm of sweet rolls, these brands have cut out an extraordinary spot in the personalities of customers the nation over.

5050 SWEET and Pungent

Britannia 50-50 Sweet pungent roll

What happens when you combine two entirely different flavors as one? You get the lip-smacking and famous Britannia 5050 Sweet and Pungent bread roll - a roll that is delightfully sweet and delectably pungent. Sent off in 1993, 5050's double seasoned bid before long made it an easily recognized name, while its whacky and extraordinary promotions, including the famous and much cherished "Na re nana 5050" promotion crusade simply added to its developing prevalence among the young.

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