Weikfield Instant Pasta Masala Twist

Weikfield Instant Pasta Masala Twist

Weikfield Instant Pasta Masala Twist

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Weikfield Masala Contort Pasta is produced using excellent fixings. The pasta is produced using durum wheat semolina. This rich pasta is straightforward, fast and simple to make. This pasta makes a sumptuous supper that is rich and soaked in flavourful masala sauce. Presently partake in this rich pasta at home in practically no time. It is wonderful when you really want a major bowl of solace.


Durum Wheat Semolina

Dietary Realities

Energy 341.7 kcal

Carb 73.7g

Of which sugar 5.3g

Protein 9.7 g

Fat 0.9 g

Soaked Fat 0.3 g

Salt 6.4 g

The most effective method to Utilize

1. In a dish add 3 teacups (375ml) water and add 1 cup(125ml) milk and begin warming.

2. Add the whole items in the sauce creator to it and blend appropriately until all bumps are disintegrated.

3. Carry the blend to bubble and afterward add Pasta to it, blend well.

4. Cook for 12-15 min on high to medium fire till Pasta turns out to be delicate, mix it incidentally.

5. Serve hot. You can add an additional curve by sprinkling destroyed cheddar.

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