Weikfield Cocoa Powder

Weikfield Cocoa Powder

Weikfield Cocoa Powder

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Low fat unadulterated cocoa powder

Makes delectable and delightful chocolate sauces, cakes and other chocolate sweets

Nation of Beginning: India

Dessert Arrangement Hacks

You might require a couple of glorious baking and cooking hacks to get the most brilliant and delicious recipes out of this Weikfield Cocoa Powder.

For more cocoa flavor in your sweets, add drinking chocolate also.

Sprinkle in cocoa powder on the fixings.

Add a few new natural products for a really reviving taste.

Rich and Dull

Best cocoa beans make this cocoa powder rich, dull and profound that helps your make your #1 chocolates. Its delicious surface goes with it an ideal decision for smoothies, milkshakes, frozen yogurt, and different pleasures.

Heat your #1 chocolate cakes, brownies, treats, and plays with this cocoa Powder. It very well may be a flavourful and tasty element for your sweets. It's satisfying, and mouth-watering flavor goes with it an incredible decision for baking.

Low In Fat

Have the most flavorful Partake in your #1 treats without thinking about your severe eating regimen, as it is low in fat.

Rich Cocoa Flavor

Give the enticing and superb punch of pleasantness to your recipes with this Cocoa Powder. Its shiny surface cooks out the most captivating dishes.

Best Cocoa Beans

Weikfield cocoa powder utilizes the best cocoa beans to frame this cocoa powder. It offers the most lavish surface and a mouth-watering flavor to your tongue.

Recipe For The Heavenly Mouth-watering Cake

Blending Dry Fixings

Add 2 cups regular flour, 2 cups white granulated sugar, 2 tsp Weikfield Baking Powder, 1 ½ tsp. Weikfield Baking Pop and 1 tsp. salt in a bowl and blend well.

Planning Cake Hitter

Presently bit by bit add 1 cup milk, ½ cup oil, 2 huge eggs, 2 tsp. vanilla concentrate. Furthermore, 1 cup exceptionally heated water in the bowl and blend the player well. Ensure that no knots are remaining.

Place In The Stove

Pour the hitter in the lubed cake tin. Place the tin pre-warmed stove for 30 to 35 minutes at 350 F.

Prepare The Consideration To Serve

Take out the prepared cake base. Presently, get ready icing with cream, concentrate of your decision, and Weikfield Icing Sugar. Serve this enticing and delightful cake and partake in your treat.

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