Vcare Herbal Hair Dye

Vcare Herbal Hair Dye

Vcare Herbal Hair Dye

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Added decency of henna, Amla, Shikakai, and Bhrinaraj for all out dim inclusion. Radiant herbals hair variety dark is a special mix of henna and other fundamental spices to variety silver hair with the integrity of nature. It enters each strand and varieties from root to tip giving enduring insurance and complete dim inclusion.

Bakson Radiant Home grown hair tone (dark)) accompanies the integrity of arnica and jaborandi for normal tone, molding, and sparkle. Henna known for its regular shading and molding properties alongside amla and shikakai makes the hair smooth luxurious and glossy. Bhringaraj conditions hair and forestalls dryness. Furthermore Jaborandi and arnica control untimely turning gray and falling of hair. This hair tone can be utilized on all hair types.


Henna powder, barium peroxide, para amino phenol, citrus extract, brahmi powder, bhringraj, amla powder, shikakai powder, arnica powder, jaborandi powder, sodium sulphite.


give sustenance to the hair

gives tone to the hair

Gives perfection and try to please hair

conditions the hair


contains AMLA and SHIKHAKAI

structure: powder

The most effective method to Utilize

Guarantee hair isn't excessively slick or soil prior to applying, Cleanser your hair prior to coloring making it sans oil and dry.

Blend the variety powder of one sachet (8g) in 40 ml (8 teaspoonfuls) tepid water making a fine glue.

Apply it promptly utilizing a brush, make a parcel with a brush and apply from the hair establishes in vertical brush stroke guaranteeing that it has been applied to the hair uniformly.

 Search over the hair in order to empower the glue to arrive at the underlying foundations of the hair.

Permit it to dry for 30 minutes the hair completely with tepid water.


Try not to apply within the eyes

Try not to use in that frame of mind of sensitivity

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