Taj Mahal Tea Powder

Taj Mahal Tea Powder

Taj Mahal Tea Powder

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Taj Mahal Teas are Tasted, evaluated and impeccably mixed at the Brooke bond Tea Greatness Center

Taj Mahal tea arrives in an Extraordinary Flavor Lock pack

Mixed Beginning around 1966

Tea Structure : Powder

flavor_name: orange, item_form: free leaves, container_type: Box, fixings: ctc tea, material_features: vegan

Some Taj Mahal tea welcomes you to cheer your faculties | caffeine_content: medium caffeine | Likewise accessible in Tea packs | Ideal harmony between strength and flavor | Flavor : Plain. material_features: veggie lover. item_form: free leaves. caffeine_content: medium caffeine. container_type: box. . . .

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