Spot Zero Multipurpose Plunger-Small

Spot Zero Multipurpose Plunger-Small

Spot Zero Multipurpose Plunger-Small

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Material: Plastic, Variety: Water Green

Thing Aspect: 108mm x 108mm x 520mm

Bundle Items: 1-Piece Huge Multipurpose Unclogger

Better quality elastic

More attractions

Solid and long life

Hanging arrangement

Spotzero by Milton Enormous Multipurpose Unclogger

Mop your Washroom Really

To keep your home clean, you require a variety of cleaning things. Spotzero by Milton offers an enormous assortment of tidying and cleaning items for giving you a simple and helpful cleaning choices. The cleaning instruments from this brand are ergonomically intended for agreeable use. This Enormous Multipurpose Unclogger effectively sucks out the stopped up water from the sinks and depletes consequently keeping them clean.

Extraordinary Attractions

The Large Multipurpose Unclogger has elastic attractions that aides in fast and easy unclogging of latrines, baths, showers, sinks and depletes. It can without much of a stretch clean the edges of the restrooms and sinks evaporating them without any problem.

Plastic Material

The unclogger from Spotzero by Milton is made of plastic material which makes it lightweight and simple to utilize. The material additionally guarantees life span as plastic doesn't break down without any problem.

Simple to Hang

The unclogger is made of elastic and plastic which makes it exceptionally lightweight. The circle on the handle additionally makes it simple to hold tight the wall for quick drying and advantageous capacity.

Elastic Material

This Milton Large Multipurpose Unclogger is made of elastic material that aides in easy attractions. The material is exceptionally strong and durable and doesn't part or break after a couple of times use.

Advantageous Grasp

This item from Spotzero by Milton is joined by a helpful grasp that allows you to partake in a firm hold over it. The grasp guarantees the wiper doesn't slip from your hand while giving greatest solace.


This unclogger from Spotzero by Milton has aspects of 108mm x 108mm x 520mm that assist you with cleaning obstructed sinks absent a lot of exertion. The size of the item additionally makes it simple to store.

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