Spot Zero Leveler DustPan

Spot Zero Leveler DustPan

Spot Zero Leveler DustPan

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Material: Plastic, Variety: Multicolor

Thing Aspect: 305mm x 240mm x 74mm

Bundle Items: 1-Piece Leveler Dustpan

23 cm wide surface region

Strong handle with hanging arrangement

Clear brush residue, soil and hair

plastic and elastic strip

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Milton is one of the main producers and advertisers of housewares in the country. They have laid out an organization of north of 55,000 + retailers, and a large group of decisively positioned fabricating units across India. Milton, alongside Claro, Spotzero, and Treo, is a piece of the Hamilton Gathering of organizations.

Spotzero By Milton leveler dustpan - farewell dust lines

To keep your home clean, you require a variety of cleaning things. Spotzero by Milton offers an enormous assortment of tidying and cleaning items for furnishing you with simple and helpful cleaning choices. The cleaning devices from this brand are ergonomically intended for agreeable use. A residue dish to keep you floor perfect.

Significant elements

Elastic strip

Quality plastic

Wide plan

Durable Handle

Wide surface region

The residue container has a wide surface area of 23 cm permitting holding and arranging dust helpfully. This implies less possibilities spilling as well.

Elastic strip

Less possibilities of lines of residue are abandoned under the residue skillet subsequent to clearing in. The elastic strip is intended to even out the dish all the more productively to forestall that.

Top notch plastic

The ideal quality polymers used to make this item guarantees enduring strength. The plastic is likewise adaptable somewhat empowering the client to clear residue better.

Durable handle

Quality plastic handle permits conveying the residue dish all the more consistently. The opening molded on the handle can be utilized for draping it on the wall without any problem.


The container is 305mm wide, 240mm long, 74mm tall. The water green variety gives the residue container an engaging look.


The dustpan can be utilized the two surfaces wet and dry. Clear brush residue, soil and hair.

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