Spot Zero Dust Broom XL

Spot Zero Dust Broom XL

Spot Zero Dust Broom XL

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Material: Plastic and Fiber Plastic, Variety: Water Green

Bundle Items: 1-Piece Zero Residue Floor Brush

Spotzero zero residue brush made of unique manufactured fiber material

Chips away at both wet and dry surface

Zero residue brush is launderable, Zero Bhusa - No Destroying of Bhusa - Brush Residue. This brush is produced using extraordinary fiber material

3X more sturdy that ordinary grass brush

Spotzero Zero Residue Floor Brush by Milton - Keep your Environmental factors Perfect and Sterile

Keep your environmental elements perfect and clean with this zero residue floor brush from Spotzero. This brush works both on wet and dry surfaces. The brush has no 'bhusa' aftermath which makes it simple for you to keep your environmental elements clean with basic clearing developments. The ergonomically planned handle makes it simple for you to grasp the brush while cleaning your home or some other space. The blend of plastic and fiber plastic material makes the brush sturdy.

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