Saffola Honey

Saffola Honey

Saffola Honey

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Honey is a characteristic food and accompanies different purposes and advantages and ought to be utilized in its unadulterated structure. Unadulterated Honey is likewise a sound choice to sugar and is viewed as perhaps of the most brilliant gift that nature has at any point skilled to humanity. Honey for weight reduction is likewise a typical utilization of Honey for buyers, additionally honey is a characteristic wellspring of energy, helps insusceptibility and contains cell reinforcements. Saffola Honey Dynamic is made with multiflora honey including flavorful Sundarban Woodland honey - an unadulterated and normal honey. It is normally sweet, fragrant, and fruity. Begin your day with a brilliant spoon of Saffola Honey Dynamic. It is tried and agrees with 22 thorough quality checks of FSSAI. Each container of Saffola Honey Dynamic is 100 percent Unadulterated and liberated from Sugar contaminated and accompanies a Virtue endorsement that is made accessible to its buyers. You can check QR code at back of the pack and download your immaculateness declaration. A portion of the purposes of Saffola Honey Dynamic - with warm water in morning for weight the board, as a sugar substitute, in breakfast or with warm milk, can be utilized in making desserts and hotcakes and a lot more purposes where unadulterated honey is utilized.


100 percent Honey

Nourishing Realities

Per 100 g:

Energy: 325kcal

All out fat 0 g

Sugar: 81g

All out sugar: 81g

Protein: 0. 25 g


Saffola Honey Actice is 100 percent Unadulterated and Regular, No Sugar defilement * Brings Integrity of Timberland Honey for your Dynamic life

Saffola Honey Dynamic is unadulterated honey, contains normal cell reinforcements which assist with building resistance

Saffola Honey Dynamic conforms to 22 severe FSSAI boundaries to guarantee it is liberated from an

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