Pro Nature Organic Coriander (Whole)

Pro Nature Organic Coriander (Whole)

Pro Nature Organic Coriander (Whole)

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Star Nature Natural Coriander Entire, a nutritious bundle of new and genuine flavors. Star Nature attempts to offer the 100 % natural stuffs to their purchasers which are the superior food choices to be depended on. These are the best stuffs which are totally liberated from synthetic compounds; natural cultivating helps ranchers and keeps the climate. It is a useful as well as gainful flavor that plays extraordinary worth in the dishes we use while getting ready. They are the stock of extraordinary embodiment and assumes significant part in throwing up curries and sauces with huge tang and smell.

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(per 100 g) Energy : 95 kJ (23 kcal) Starches : 3.67 g Sugars : 0.87 Dietary fiber : 2.8 g Fat : 0.52 g Protein : 2.13 g Water : 92.21 g Calcium : 67 mg Iron : 1.77 mg Magnesium : 26 mg Manganese : 0.426 mg Phosphorus : 48 mg Potassium : 521 mg Sodium : 46 mg Zinc : 0.5 mg

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