Pampers Active Baby New Born  24s

Pampers Active Baby New Born 24s

Pampers Active Baby New Born 24s

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Spoils Dynamic Child 5 Star Skin Security: Uniquely planned diapers for child's solace

Flexible Fit: Taped diapers which you can make fit or free in light of your child's size

Stretchy Midriff and Sides: Stretchable delicate material to fit cozily around abdomen and side

Our Best Spoils Diapers: Believed insurance of Spoils, our best among India taped diapers

360 Degree Cottony Non-abrasiveness: All-around cotton-like delicate quality for child's fragile skin (*Product doesn't contain cotton)

Up to 12 hrs retention: Our Enchanted Gel innovation to keep child dry throughout the evening

Additional Dry Layer: Rapidly ingests and spreads wetness to forestall spillage

5 Star Skin Insurance: The Best tape style diapers from Spoils, with an external layer of cotton-like delicateness, this child diaper gives extreme consideration to your child's touchy skin and shields it successfully from grinding rash and redness. These delicate and solace fitting diapers with stretchable sides are best for your child's rest and recess. The diaper's attaching tape sticks on various occasions hence guaranteeing it stays set up even after you affix it subsequent to actually taking a look at your child's diaper. Assurance and sustenance of your child's skin are dealt with concentrates of saturating Aloe Vera salve, normal for these best child diapers.. These diapers are super meager, because of the permeable gel material (AGM), regularly known as Wizardry Gel. This enchanted gel center of Spoils diapers is exceptionally successful in retaining regular wetness. Normally your child's skin stays dry for upto 12 hours ,presently not any more regular diaper changing or blow spills for your darling.

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