Mysore Sandal Pure Natural Soap-Round

Mysore Sandal Pure Natural Soap-Round

Mysore Sandal Pure Natural Soap-Round

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Unadulterated shoe oil is utilized in this cleanser. Sandalwood oil has been known for its therapeutic and magnificence improving characteristics, and it has been referenced in our legends. The primary component in Mysore Shoe cleanser is unadulterated sandalwood oil. It's appropriate for ordinary, solid skin since it's liberated from cruel engineered fixings. It likewise fixes skin aggravations and keeps up with the skin smooth and liberated from imperfections. The superior cleanser assists with purging the skin delicately yet totally, easing up it and delivering its normal sparkle. Aside from cleaning, it additionally gives incredible saturating and sustaining properties, as well as a tempting smell of regular Sandalwood Oil-based scent. Sandalwood oil is recommended for skin treatment in antiquated ayurveda writing and has solid antibacterial characteristics. It's notable for its skin-feeding and against maturing impacts. It likewise contains almond oil, which forestalls kinks and imperfections while additionally not drying out the skin.

Time span of usability: Best before three years from the date of production

Fixings: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Buddy Kernelate, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium chloride, water, Titanium dioxide, Tetra Sodium EDTA, Aroma and COS tones.

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