Mustard Chekku Oil

Mustard Chekku Oil

Mustard Chekku Oil

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At extremely low temperature best quality Non - GMO mustard seeds are squashed so that guaranteeing the normal properties, cell reinforcements and rejuvenating ointments are held in this oil. Through the best information and conviction of morally and naturally economical practices, Chekko Cold Squeezed Virgin Mustard Oil is created cleanly.

Uses and Advantages of Virgin Mustard Oil

Cold Squeezed Virgin Mustard Oil has strong antimicrobial properties that block destructive microbial development.

When applied topically streamlines and advances skin and hair wellbeing, animates blood stream and hair development

Contains allyl isothiocyanate that lightens body torment.

Utilized as a poultice for knead and a detoxifier in ayurvedic medication.

Advances facial hair development.

The high amount of selenium in Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil adds to rich calming properties lessening irritation and an optimal decision for joint agony and joint inflammation alleviation.

Normal sun blocker.

Different purposes of Virgin Mustard oil

Utilized in body rub.

Why Chekko Cold Squeezed Virgin Mustard Oil?

The customary wooden press technique gives Unadulterated Virus Squeezed Mustard Oil.

The non Warming strategy protects the decency of Mustard and its advantages.

Clean bundling with eco-accommodating metal tin.

Liberated from Additives, Fake tones.

All the more normally sweet-smelling.

Every one of our items are from Non - GMO seeds, free of counterfeit.

Worldwide quality control and cleanliness rehearses are followed for every item ISO - 22000

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