Gala Iron Bull Scrub

Gala Iron Bull Scrub

Gala Iron Bull Scrub

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  • Gala offers the Iron Bull Scrub Sponge Set with handy manage base
    - prepared to easy the maximum ingrained stains / Hard on dried meals or dirt
    on dishes or kitchenware, however smooth on your hand

  • Coarse mesh plastic pad with a scouring impact for cleansing any rust,
    leftover meals, or dried materials on a dish or a tile floor - more
    heavy duty & long lasting than any regular scrubbers or sponges

  • Modern pinnacle industrial dishwashing and scrubbing capacity with washable,
    reusable pads - that may be implemented similarly nicely to windows, a bathroom
    tub, shower, kitchen sink or toilet

  • Gala Iron Bull Scrub Sponge leaves your dishes spotlessly easy, no
    count how dirty - with much less attempt than different products / Long lasting
    long lasting great approach no want for quick time period replacement

    Items delivered: 2x Gala Iron Bull Scrub Pad Set / Nylon Microfibre (Material) / Maroon & Blue / No Soap Included

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