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Mirinda is an orange-based soda pop with an extraordinary reviving taste. Mirinda has an intense fruity taste, clear tone and dynamic bubble that will make a blast of taste that is pleasant till the absolute last drop. Mirinda es un refresco con sabor a naranja, altamente refrescante y sabroso. Mirinda tiene un fervor unique a naranja con un tone vivo y vibrante que creará una explosión de sabor que te gustara hasta la última gota.

Leaned toward by numerous youngsters, Mirinda will awaken every one of your faculties with an energetic bubble!

Splendid, effervescent and sweet orange enhanced soda.

Mirinda has an extraordinary blend of sweet and fruity tang that makes certain to be a hit with the whole family.

One of the top orange soft drink soda pops in India, Vietnam, Thailand and Latin America.

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