Everest Meat Masala

Everest Meat Masala

Everest Meat Masala

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Meat Masala 50g


A pepper-coriander-chilli based totally mixture that imparts a darkish tan and a warm style to non-veg dishes, particularly meat. Since Indians love their meat honestly spiced up, a truthful quantity of flavouring spices lend this combo an fragrant chorus.


In all meat preparations requiring a darkish gravy.
Meat Masala


Before you begin: To prepare dinner five hundred gms. of meat. Grind to quality paste two onions. Mix with 1 tsp Ginger/Garlic paste. Add salt and four tbsp strained curd.

Marinate cleaned and reduce mutton portions with mixture. Keep for two hrs. Heat four tbsp oil, fry until crisp two sliced onions. Add marinated mutton, three tsp Everest Meat Masala. Stir for 5 mins. Add two cups water. Pressure prepare dinner for 10 mins.

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