Mazza Tetra Pack-150ml

Mazza Tetra Pack-150ml

Mazza Tetra Pack-150ml

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Maaza (pronounced "Mahza") may be a Coca-Cola beverage complete from Asian country and marketed within the geographical region, Africa, japanese Europe and Asia.

Despite the fact that the most famous beverage is Maaza Mango, our other item range incorporates Maaza Guava, Maaza Apple, Maaza Lychee, Maaza Orange, Maaza Pieces, Maaza Organic product Blend and Maaza Mango-Peach. The organic product mash, natural product concentrate and different fixings to make these are essentially obtained from India, Europe and Far East.

The Maaza Drink is accessible in different sizes and kinds of bundling, going from PET, Glass, Aseptic Packs and Jars, to take care of the provincial market inclinations.

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