Lever Ayush Natural Fair Saffron Soap-100g

Lever Ayush Natural Fair Saffron Soap-100g

Lever Ayush Natural Fair Saffron Soap-100g

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About the Item

Ayush Normal Reasonableness Saffron cleanser contains the decency of Saffron (Kesar) and Kumkumadi Thailam. Saffron (Kesar) is an Ayurvedic spice with extraordinary therapeutic worth that is known for its lighting up and recuperating properties, and Kumkumadi Tailam, is a novel mix of 16 spices and oil planned to fix marks, ease up skin tone and further develop skins quality for a brilliant gleam.

The Ayush scope of items has been painstakingly created with legitimate recipes and cycles, recommended in the antiquated Granthas. Customarily, Ayurvedic fixings were deliberately picked at a specific time, when they are generally powerful to make incredibly successful Ayurvedic arrangements. Switch Ayush utilizes the most strong fixings that are profoundly useful to the skin, hair and teeth. The integrity of fixings like Turmeric (Haldi), Saffron (Kesar), Cows ghee, Cardamom and Rock Salt has been utilized to form items that address our most stressing excellence issues. At Switch Ayush, we endeavor to make old Ayurvedic intelligence open to tackle current magnificence issues. We accept that the answer for our magnificence issues lies in the 5000-year-old Ayurvedic granthas, that recommends the method for tackling these issues from the root. We work with one of the world's chief Ayurvedic organizations, Arya Vaidya Drug store (AVP) to make items that utilization the right fixings to make them exceptional and staggeringly viable.


Saffron and Kumkumadi Thailam

Instructions to Utilize

Utilize two times per day.

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