Lee Sugar Crackers-130g
Lee Sugar Crackers-130g
Lee Sugar Crackers-130g

Lee Sugar Crackers-130g

Lee Sugar Crackers-130g

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At Lee Rolls, we stay devoted to our custom of heat that is genuinely cherished and appreciated by bread rolls darlings. We utilize unquestionably the best quality fixings and heat our rolls flawlessly. Our items come in a few flavorful assortments to suit a wide scope of necessities and tastes.

Lee Rolls are created in sound and sterile circumstances since our unassuming starting points. Till today, we stick to severe quality guidelines with cutting edge bundling innovation to hold the newness of our items.

Cream Saltines was one among the famous rolls sent off not long after the foundation of the Organization. It has since turned into the mark customary bread rolls which we can in any case partake in its aroma and freshness these days.

Exemplary bread rolls that were acquainted between 1940 with 1960, for example, Marie Bread rolls, Banana Puff and Lemon Puff have procured a huge standing in the many years. Till this day, they are made as per their conventional recipes to keep up with the manner in which they used to be. One more signature result of us is Unique Wafers, which the heat is propelled by the customary recipes of the 1960s. Each fixing is wonderful to make a basic, fragrant saltine in its unique way.

As we constantly endeavor to extend our item range, there's as yet healthy antiquated goodness in each piece!

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