Kelloggs Muesli Fruit Magic

Kelloggs Muesli Fruit Magic

Kelloggs Muesli Fruit Magic

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Kelloggs Muesli Fruit Magic

About the Item

Kelloggs Muesli with 24% Organic product Enchantment is a liberal mix of select elements for your insightful sense of taste. Four nutritious grains (Wheat, Oats, Rice and Corn) and four delightful considerations (papaya, apple, peach and raisins) meet up to give you an unrivaled taste insight.

A fast, helpful and overwhelming breakfast choice that gives B bunch Nutrients (B1, B2, B3, B6 Folate), L-ascorbic acid, Iron and Fiber for a sustaining start to the day. Normally cholesterol free breakfast oat.


Wheat, Corn meal, Rice, Sugar Candy-coated and Dry Natural products


Store in a cool and dry spot. Keep in a water/air proof compartment once opened.

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