Huggies Wonder Pants -medium

Huggies Wonder Pants -medium

Huggies Wonder Pants -medium

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Diaper pants with three dimensional Air pocket Bed gives extreme cottony delicateness to your child's skin

An adaptable belt implies child has the opportunity to move in a cozy and agreeable fit

Bubble Wala Huggies retains wetness as long as 12 hours, so your child stays dry for the time being with no disturbance or rashes. Comfort and Security :Dispensable

Triple Break watch includes additional cushioning the sides of the diaper, ideal for lessening spillage from thighs and legs, while the three dimensional layer keeps the diaper surface inconceivably dry

Picking the ideal diaper size in light of child weight and size is significant. The diaper limit might differ among infants from infant to enormous, contingent upon the volume of waste. Accessible web-based in sizes - Infant, Little, Medium, Huge, XL, XXL

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