Tiger Badam mix

Tiger Badam mix

Tiger Badam mix

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Profit from us an extensive variety of fluid food tones, which is widely utilized in the food handling industry. These varieties are handled normally in a sterile climate. We ensure that every one of the fixings utilized in the planning of these varieties are pure and of prevalent quality. We additionally can redo our scope of food tones as determined by the clients.

Instructions to Utilize

Simply open the flip-top and slant and add only 5-6 drops for a glass of milkshake or smoothie and beat it with a blender. (all out volume of the jug contains 400 drops) likewise, sprinkle by squeezing the container to the sweet indulgences, treats, while setting up the dish and blending it well. (approx. 1 sprinkle is 20 drops or 1ml) for ¼ kg of batter.


Store at surrounding temperature, don't refrigerate or freeze

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