Dark Choco Chips

Dark Choco Chips

Dark Choco Chips

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Keto cordial and sugar free chocolate baking chips: ChocZero makes solid chocolate that are better-for-you low carb options in contrast to customary baking chocolate. By utilizing a low glycemic diabetic sugar substitute called priest organic product we're ready to make a sugar free chip that preferences very much like premium baking chocolate.

Low carb: each serving of these dim chocolate baking chips is simply 1g net carbs, making these heavenly pieces the ideal better decision element for your low carb recipes.

Gluten free, soy free and dairy free: we've made a healthy dim chocolate chip that is wealthy in cocoa and liberated from normal allergens like soy, gluten and dairy.

Ideal for baking: these universally handy sugar free chocolate chips are ideal for baking into keto treats, adding to low carb hotcakes and mug cakes or breaking down for a rich sugar free chocolate ganache. No sugar alcohols: not at all like other sugar free baking chocolate we improve solely with priest organic product. You won't find sugar alcohols like sorbitol or malitol in our chocolate, and that implies you won't be left with a trailing sensation.

Premium fixings: made with genuine cocoa margarine and non-GMO fixings, this is a staple sound baking element for your keto kitchen. New to low carb baking? Track down a heavenly recipe for keto chocolate chip treats on the rear of the pack. The best keto chocolate chips for those hoping to prepare low sugar recipes. Upheld by our 100 percent ensure, reach us on the off chance that you disapprove of your request.

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