Odonil Blocks Lavender Meadow-75g

Odonil Blocks Lavender Meadow-75g

Odonil Blocks Lavender Meadow-75g

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Odonil Washroom Air freshner Blocks eliminates mal-smells from your restroom

Its extraordinary smell busters keep washroom new and Fragrant

It Keeps our washroom fragrant for 30 days

It's presently Accessible in 4 distinct sizes - 35g, 50g, 75g and 100g

Accessible in 4 unique aromas - Jasmine, Lavender, Orchid and Rose

There are numerous ways for cleaning your washrooms Phenyl wiping, containers of water, latrine cleaner and an intermittent swipe of corrosive. Alongside this the most recent fittings and new sterile products does right by your washrooms as well. However, do they smell as wonderful as they look? In the event that your solution to the above questions is no, Odonil Washroom Deodorizer is the response to your inquiry. With its unique smell busters it eliminates mal-scents and keeps your washrooms new and fragrant.This variation allows you to encounter the quieting smell of Lavender, notable in fragrance based treatment for its mitigating impacts. Odonil Restroom Air Freshner Blocks are presently accessible in different aromas like Jasmine, Lavender, Rose and Orchid and furthermore accessible in different sizes .

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