Stevia Podi-50g

Stevia Podi-50g

Stevia Podi-50g

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Stevia is a sort of plant that has extremely sweet leaves. The concentrate powder is zero calorie, heat stable, pH stable, and non-fermentable. It has gotten consideration because of the rising interest for low-carb, low-sugar food choices.

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Stevia Concentrate powder is accepted to be gainful for both weight reduction and glucose the board. As often as possible utilized as a sugar substitute, Stevia Concentrate can be north of 300 times as sweet as refined sugar. Notwithstanding its essential use as a sugarcane elective, Stevia is likewise a cell reinforcement. Cancer prevention agents assist the body with warding off the cell harm brought about by free revolutionaries. Stevia, likewise with all plants, contains various cancer prevention agents.

Serving Size and Timing

Stevia is exceptionally sweet and bits utilized are little. As a dietary enhancement and sugar, use as wanted. The regular sum suggested is 40mg, or around 1/32 tsp. Utilize a milligram scale for estimating.

Item Name: stevia separate powder

Latin Name:Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Hemsl


Specification:Rebaudioside A/stevioside 60%, 90%, 95%, 97%, 98%; Rebaudioside D 95%

Test Standard:JECFA(2010)

Appearance:Fine white powder

Package:1kg/foil sack or 20kg/Container

Stevia Mass Discount

Green Spring is a stevia extricate makers, predominantly giving stevia mass discount, which is a characteristic sugar and a white powder kind of sugar substitute. Natural stevia remover is gotten from regular and totally dried stevia leaves. The 97% image of this stevia remove alludes to the most minimal level of stevia, which is a course of its pleasantness. The higher the centralization of Rebaudioside A (Reb a) in stevia powder or fluid, the better it is.

Stevia powder is generally utilized all through the food and drink market, as well as private consideration items. Food and refreshment scientists all over the planet as a rule utilize all-normal fixings, for example, stevia powder to supplant common sugar in equations to diminish the sugar content and complete calories in their modern items. Many sans sugar periodontal brands use stevia as a fixing rather than sugar to give the favored pleasantness level that clients like. In the individual consideration market, organizations use stevia in items, for example, toothpaste, mouthwash and hack medication.

Mass stevia powder is another composed regular sugar separated from the composite herbage - - - stevia. Stevioside is a sort of good sugar rather than raw sweetener that can treat diabetes, hypertension mostly and can likewise treat adiposity, cardiovascular sickness, gastritis and corrosive stomach as a helper

Extricate Source

splash drying

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