Red Sandal Podi-50g

Red Sandal Podi-50g

Red Sandal Podi-50g

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Red sandalwood powder can do sorcery on your skin. It can determine practically every one of the issues that your skin faces. It very well may be applied straightforwardly on the face by blending in with water as it has no consuming sensation

It can likewise be mixed with different fixings like milk, curd or oil. It very well may be utilized to sustain your skin, give fair coloring, get even-conditioned skin and eliminate dead skin cells. Red sandalwood powder is likewise successful for slick skin and for getting alleviation from sun related burns

Its enemy of maturing property helps eliminate wrinkles leaving skin restored. Make the skin smooth and battle against the indications of maturing. During summer, you can supplant your cleanser with red sandalwood powder to decrease abundance body heat. It will give a cooling impact and decent scent. It can eliminate every one of the unsafe microorganisms in your body

Apply powder with water on face and leave it for 5-10 minutes for sparkling skin. add 1-2 teaspoons of red sandalwood powder in your oil and use consistently to feed your skin. blend 1 tablespoon red sandalwood powder, tablespoon kasturi manjal powder and 2 tablespoon curd or new milk to get fair composition. blend 2 tablespoon of crushed ready papaya and 1 tablespoon red sandalwood powder. Clean this all over and wash with warm water to eliminate dead skin cells

Mix cucumber juice and red sandalwood powder. Apply it on the burns from the sun. blend red sandalwood powder, honey and two drops of almond oil. Apply this pack to get shining skin. apply a combination of red sandalwood powder and honey to eliminate skin inflammation. apply a combination of red sandalwood powder and green tea water to eliminate wrinkles

The red shaded powder taken from the heartwood of the tremendous red sandalwood tree supernaturally affects your skin. There are numerous restorative items that utilization red sandalwood powder(rakta chandan powder). It is likewise utilized in powdered or stuck structure in sanctuaries. The scent of red sandalwood powder can give a charming and eminent inclination. It suits practically all the skin types. Vedagiri Herbals give powder taken from the red sandalwood tree. The item is 100 % normal as we prohibit the utilization of synthetic compounds in its handling. This makes it the ideal approach to reviving your skin with practically no incidental effects.

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