Pirandai Podi-50g

Pirandai Podi-50g

Pirandai Podi-50g

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Urad dhall 100g

Entire dark pepper 2 tsp

Oil 2 tsp

Red Bean stew 5 nos

Jaggery 1 tsp

Horse gram 2 tsp


Tamarind 1 little gooseberry size

Resolute creeper or Perandai leaves 10 little pieces

Asafoetida a squeeze


Dry meal any remaining fixings with the exception of resolute creeper/perandai. Put away to cool.

Sear perandai in oil and put away to cool.

Grind all together to a coarse powder.

Bone help

Rich substance of calcium, phosphorous

Normal calming

Pirandai has been utilized as a therapeutic plant since vestige. Pirandai is considered as a flexible therapeutic plant in both Ayurvedic and current medication improvement regions for its important restorative purposes. Pirandai/Cissus quadrangularis has been utilized in old style ayurveda to mend broken bones, harmed tendons and ligaments. It is alluded as "Asthisanhari" in Sanskrit, "hadjod" in Hindi due to its capacity to join bones and regularly known as the "bone setter" in English. It is a palatable plant; the stems are made into curries, chutneys and eaten in Southern pieces of India.

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