Kirambu Podi 25g

Kirambu Podi 25g

Kirambu Podi 25g

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Natural Ground Cloves Powder | SYZYGIUM AROMATICUM | Premium Quality | Normal | Natural | Powder

It is utilized for: Diabetes, ineptitude, stomach related messes.

Remedial activity and application as per people medication and current phytotherapy:

It makes a germicide difference and is utilized to safeguard the throat from contaminations. In dentistry, clove oil (or its principal part eugenol) is utilized as a germ-free and successful against torment in the treatment of stiffness, joint pain and upper respiratory lot contaminations.

It likewise goes about as a sexual enhancer that reinforces the resistant framework. Directs the degree of unsaturated fats, the absence of which prompts maturing.

Suggested day to day portion for a grown-up:

1 teaspoon of clove flour is poured with 200 ml of bubbling water. Douse for 10 minutes. Strain. Drink 100 ml two times before feasts.

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