Kasini Keerai Podi-50g

Kasini Keerai Podi-50g

Kasini Keerai Podi-50g

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To keep up with sound design of the body serious areas of strength for and, calcium is more fundamental

To lighten (decrease torment) during the premenstrual disorder in ladies, the underlying foundations of the chicory leaves are utilized as tonic for adjusting the hormonal levels and lessen the causes related with this condition

Cichorium intybus significant capability is to forestall the development growth that causes contamination in the thrush (candida). The sharpness of the spice kills the organism and forestall disease created in throat and mouth

Aside from advancing the sound capability of the stomach related framework, kasini keerai makes the urinary framework works well by detoxifying process nerves are generally critical to make the human body capability appropriately

Bundle Content: 1 Kasini Keerai Powder

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