Kadukkai Podi-50g

Kadukkai Podi-50g

Kadukkai Podi-50g

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Kadukkai Pinju (Ink Nut) for Bile Sicknesses:

Take 10 grams of haritaki powder, blend in with similar measure of flavors and drink powder, morning and night a portion of a spoon, eat for 21 days, solution for stiffness and bile. Perhaps of the best cure in people medication is mustard. The Kadukkai is a kai from the tree. This tree develops north of 1,000 feet above ocean level. Its country is India. The Siddha clinical texts say that the time of the kadukkai was around 4000 years of age. It can develop to a level of around 60 feet.

Kadukkai Pinju (Ink Nut) for teeth

Powder together to take 100 grams for the three kinds of Haritaki, hamburger and precious stone. This will fix every single dental disease

Kadukkai Powder for Psychological wellness.

Our old ayurvedic texts have found that the blood of the charms works on the psychological wellness of human. Kadukkai Powder can wipe out regrettable powers that can influence the body and brain. Periodically individuals who eat Kadukkai Powder prescription will have better emotional well-being.

Diabetes: Kadukkai diminishes insulin responsiveness and assists with managing the glucose levels in the body successfully. The intriguing thing was a significant number of the diabetic medications had a few incidental effects alongside directing the glucose levels while Haritaki had no aftereffects by any means. Yet, diabetic patients ought to counsel a clinical expert prior to taking kadukkai everyday consistently.

Outer Advantages of Kadukkai Pinju (Ink Nut):-

Hair loss:In certain pieces of India, haritaki oil is utilized on the hair to forestall lice contamination and dandruff. They use it as an everyday application hair oil.https://www.podhigaiherbs.com/item/2/kadukkai-powder.html

Skin sensitivities: Kadukkai really treats skin sensitivities in the ears brought about by hoops. Gold and silver hoops delivers no sensitivities. assuming we wear these studs for longer term, the ear cartilage turn bothersome, red and enlarged. Generally it gives great help from agony and swellings because of sensitivities.

Mouth ulcers: Kadukkai has against cariogenic properties and can be utilized for the majority of the dental issues particularly mouth ulcers and draining gums.

The most effective method to Consume Kadukkai Pinju (Ink Nut) Inside:-

Morning - Blend 5 gms of powder in 100 ml water, Heat up the substance for few moments. when the water gets warm, channel the substance and drink it before food. Rehash something very similar for Night Measurement after supper.

Instructions to Apply Kadukkai Pinju (Ink Nut) Remotely:-

Mouth ulcers: heat up the wrecked Kadukkai with some water. The shade of the water will change to dull yellow tone. Cool this imbuement and flush your mouth with the mixture a few times each day. This mouth ulcer home cure generally gives great help.

Acquisition and Horticulture Strategy:

90% of Our Spices are Wild yields and 100 percent natural essentially, staying 10% are naturally developed, dried, and pummeled with no compound or additives.


The Utilization subtleties and advantages drilled down in our site are taken from Tamil antiquated books and Siddha records, as well as its been further tweaked by our Siddha Specialists Group. At any rate you are mentioned to counsel your PCP previously

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