Ashokapattai Podi-50g

Ashokapattai Podi-50g

Ashokapattai Podi-50g

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♦  This tree plays a significant part in Indian social practices. The Ashoka tree heaps of medical advantages and being a customary Indian medication as an essential fixing in different treatments and fixes.

♦  The Ashoka tree from the group of vegetables and is likewise a piece of the subfamily Caesalpiniaceae.

♦  The Ashoka tree is a rainforest tree. It was at first tracked down in the focal piece of the Deccan level and in the center piece of the Western Ghats in western India.

♦  The Ashoka blossoms from February to April. The blossoms show up in lavish and weighty packs. The blossoms have dazzling orange-yellow tone and they become red prior to shrinking.

♦  The dried stems, blossoms, and bark of this tree have numerous applications in different fields. The blossoms, seeds, and bark of this tree are utilized to make tonics and cases that are extensively utilized in India to treat different medical problems.

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