Harpic Bathroom Cleaner

Harpic Bathroom Cleaner

Harpic Bathroom Cleaner

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Harpic Washroom Cleaner is major areas of strength for a sanitizer and cleaning fluid that helps eliminate the hardest of stains. It gives you amazing cleaning on oily soil and particulate matter and refreshes the entire washroom. It has a thick fluid equation with strong cleaning specialists that lift and eliminate intense stains from practically all washroom surfaces and kills microorganisms to give you a sanitized and microbe safe restroom.

Harpic Washroom Cleaner can be utilized as a tile cleaner, bowl cleaner or in any event, for floor cleaning in the restroom region. It likewise gives your washroom a lovely new scent. Harpic Washroom Cleaner is protected to be utilized on most restroom surfaces including Tiles, Taps, Tubs and Shower boards, Earthenware surfaces, Tempered steel and Rock Surfaces. Try not to utilize it on Aluminum, Metal and Copper. Continuously spot beware of a little, covered up region prior to utilizing.

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