Guruji Khus Syrup750ml

Guruji Khus Syrup750ml

Guruji Khus Syrup750ml

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Made with 100 percent love and Regular fixings, Jai Guruji Khus Syrup contains No Fake Flavors, No Additives just Bona fide taste.

Bearings FOR USE: 1 Glass = 20% water + 60% squashed ice + 20% Khus syrup. Try not to add sugar.

Suggestions: Add this unadulterated and new Khus syrup to cold milk, curd or lassi, ice ball and partake in the tasty taste or simply top it up on vanilla frozen yogurt and a broiled nuts and prepare to dive in.

Capacity/Timeframe of realistic usability: Store in a cool, dry, ventilated place at room temperature, away from direct intensity. Try not to Refrigerate. Time span of usability of 1 year from the assembling date.

Fixings: Sugar, Water, Concentrate of Khus, Citrus extract, Class II additive (INS-211), Engineered Food Tone (INS-143), Nature indistinguishable seasoning substances.

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