Gala Swash Card

Gala Swash Card

Gala Swash Card

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Gala affords the Swash Card Stainless Steel Wool Wire Scrub: tough on
dried stains however gentle at the hand - with magnetic grade metal / Modern
layout ideal for grimy pots, pans, dishes and utensils

Coarse steel mesh scrub gives a scouring impact for cleansing rust, food
or scum for your kitchen or on tile floors - extra heavy duty &
long lasting than any normal scrubber available

This one-of-a-type commercial degree scrubber pad is designed to improve
your dishwashing and scrubbing! Truly the great at the market, pinnacle of the
line metal twine sponge on your sink or shower

Gala-created scrub pad device leaves your dishes spotlessly clean, no
depend how grimy - with much less attempt than different products / Long lasting
long lasting excellent approach no want for quick time period replacement

Items delivered: 1x Gala Swash Card Steel Scrubber Pad / Perfect for dishware and surfaces / No Soap Included / Silver

Country of Origin: India

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