FreezMIx Berry Dink -275ml

FreezMIx Berry Dink -275ml

FreezMIx Berry Dink -275ml

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Novel and Wonderful Taste: These astonishing and hazardous new mixed drink recipes are ideally suited for invigorating the thirst, with lower sugar, more taste

Matches Your Style: An extremely stylish beverage An interesting plan, a rich shaded bottle and a name that looks perfect. A beverage just powerful consolidate inventiveness, pleasantness and character

Liberated from Anything Counterfeit: Our Freez Blend carbonated drinks are made liquor free, no fake tones or flavors, and no additives added

Glass Bundling: Pressed in an appealing and exceptional shaded bottle. Each with a simple to open cap

Capacity Directions: Prepared to drink non alcoholic carbonated refreshment, served chilled

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