Faber-Castle CD OHP Marker

Faber-Castle CD OHP Marker

Faber-Castle CD OHP Marker

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CD OHP Marker Fine Blue

The Multimark fibre tip popular pen with built-in exceptional eraser reliably writes on nearly all surfaces. Depending on the required purpose, the pens are accessible in eight everlasting and 4 non-permanent ink colours. They are especially luminous and prosperous in colour. The built-in distinctive eraser is capable to thoroughly dispose of marks from nearly all clean surfaces like CD/DVD/Blu-ray or transparencies.

Product details

Writes on any floor - ohp sheet, cd, glass,diamond,plastic,metal,wood, film
Permanent, waterproof ink
Intense color for bolder impressions
Line width: (Fine) 0.8mm
Ink colour: blue

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