Crystal Clear Tape

Crystal Clear Tape

Crystal Clear Tape

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Hard core WEATHER RESISTANT TAPE - Extreme sweltering or cold conditions can undoubtedly destroy modest tape, making it yellow, turn weak, and strip or lift away at corners and edges during transportation. This solid tape is intended to withstand the hardest open air atmosphere conditions keeping each case safely fixed.

Impervious to SPLITS, TEARS, and RIPS - Hate economically made base quality tapes that tear when they shouldn't, and get all ravaged when you attempt to cut it? Better believe it do as well, we… our tape plays pleasantly.

Make THE "Wonderful SEAL" - Tape will unequivocally cling to the bundle, with NO "lifting" around the edges and corners. This secures your delivery things against water, earth, and natural harm.

60-DAY NO-HASSLE GUARANTEE - If our super clear bundling tape isn't all that we asserted, or in the event that it doesn't take care of the work you need it to, get a FULL discount inside 60-Days of your buy. No-bother.

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