Vadhanarayana Podi-50g

Vadhanarayana Podi-50g

Vadhanarayana Podi-50g

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Therapeutic purposes

Rheumatoid Joint inflammation Spice reinforces the nerves of the body, lessens irritation, and gives superb alleviation not exclusively to joint agony, yet in addition for respiratory and glucose problems.

Poisons that enter the body because of obstruction are the main source of rheumatic diseases.

Remedying stoppage in the body will dispose of most illnesses. The best solution for obstruction is the leaves of Vada Narayanan.

It likewise assuages torment brought about by unnecessary pressure and responsibility. Takes out rheumatic impacts, for example, appendage cramps.

For irritation and cancers in the body, focus on the leaves of Vada Narayana the light and apply it on the growths and expanding, they will recuperate rapidly. Summer sun related burns can cause perspiring, rashes and dandruff.

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