Thalisapathiri Podi-50g

Thalisapathiri Podi-50g

Thalisapathiri Podi-50g

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Thalicha Pathiri Powder is utilized to treat migraines and eases the psychological pressure, treat hack issues, throat issues, eliminate poisons from body, treat stiffness, utilized as cardiovascular tonic, help retching, viable in dental issues, asthma, ongoing brother

Medical advantages of Thalisapathiri/Indian Silver Fir Powder

♦ Thalicha Pathiri Powder is utilized to treat cerebral pains and assuages the psychological pressure.

♦ This Powder is utilized to treat hack issues, throat problems.

♦ It assists with eliminating poisons from the body.

♦ Treating rheumatism is likewise utilized.

♦ This powder is utilized as a heart tonic.

♦ This gives help in heaving.

♦ Treating dental problems is likewise exceptionally successful.

♦ It is utilized for treating asthma, constant bronchitis, normal cold, wheezing, unfavorably susceptible rhinitis and upper respiratory diseases.

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