Amul Cheese Cube 8pack

Amul Cheese Cube 8pack

Amul Cheese Cube 8pack

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Wholesome Facts

Gouda Cheese Cheddar Cheese Emulsifying Saits (E331&E452 )&Common Salt Contanins Permitted Class Ii Preservatives (E200&E234)


Amul is a main dairy item brand for a long time which supplies the wide assortment of dairy results of best quality and taste.

Amul Cheddar 3D shape

Amul Cheddar is a decent wellspring of protein, nutrient, and calcium. Cheddar is produced using best nature of bison/cow's milk. Cheddar tastes amazing when added between toasted wheat bread alongside cucumber and tomato cuts. It has a few demonstrated benefits, standard utilization of cheddar assists with making your teeth white areas of strength for and, is cheddar has in muscle building, it likewise creates bone wellbeing and recoveries from an issue of having osteoporosis in future. Sound in taste and wealthy in surface, cheddar can likewise be utilized as a sprinkler for dressing tidbits and food.

Supplement Realities

Sum according to 100g: Energy 314 kcal, Energy from Fat 234 kcal, Absolute Fat 26g, Immersed fat 16g, cholesterol 60 mg, protein 20g, calcium 343mg.

Safety measures

Hold under refrigeration

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