Ambika Appalam Size No.5

Ambika Appalam Size No.5

Ambika Appalam Size No.5

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The originator, Mr. K A Velayudham's dad, had begun this business on an exceptionally little scope at his living arrangement around the year 1915 for a work. Mr. K A Velayudham started with 4 annas as capital and his first speculation was on a cycle. In 1945, he marketed the business by utilizing more individuals to make appalams. He was the primary individual to open an appalam-just shop in Chennai that used to excusively sell appalams.

Because of the nature of his items, Ambika Appalam before long picked up energy among the individuals of the Madras city. It is frequently informed that Mr.Velayudham used to sell appalams during the subsequent World War by remaining in the dugouts! Today, Ambika Appalam is a commonly recognized name and the appalams are burned-through across India, yet additionally have a solid fare market.

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